The Art of Digital Photography

Some people simply point and click without thinking how their shots would turn-out. While some people only use their cameras for personal purposes. What they do not realize is that behind their camera, there’s a whole new world that’s wide enough for exploration and huge enough to be limited. And if you realize how photography can be an art, you would take pictures in a manner that’s more than just pointing and shooting. Although this method can work at times, digital photography is just not that, simply because it is an art and not just an everyday thing.Digital photography is another form of art enjoyed by many. Beginners, as well as professionals do not take photos for no reason. They know that a great picture needs to have good composition. Composition in photography is the combination of many factors. It may be hard to define, but enthusiasts would understand that lines, patterns, depth of field, light, shadow, texture, angle, and a lot more, are all part of it. For someone who knows that taking pictures is called photography, all these things would matter. A combination of these elements could create a powerful shot. When you take pictures, you can consider playing with all these elements to come-up with something interesting.Pictures are more than just colorful backgrounds printed on photo paper or framed on the wall. Pictures are like paintings. They are master pieces that were created out of the combination of passion, effort, time, dedication and creativity. They do not only serve as simple remembrances of our past but rather, they are works of art that have meanings and stories behind. In every good shot, there is a story that you can tell. Like paintings, the artist himself and the viewers may have different interpretation of the picture. But the more the stories that can be told, the more interesting it gets.Digital photography is so vast that there are so many techniques that you can apply and play with. There are no written rules in photography and there are no limitations. It’s just a matter or how you can make your subject interesting. There is what they call focal point in photography. The points are imaginary and are found in the picture where when you draw two imaginary vertical and two imaginary horizontal lines, they intersect. They say that to give more symmetry to the picture, your subject should fall in either of the points where the lines intersect. Although this is not a rule, it is one of the basic principles in forming the art of digital photography.Like there is no limit to taking pictures, there are also no defined qualifications of who can become a good photographer. Anyone who is interested and who has the passion to start, drive to learn, the patience to practice, and the determination to succeed, can do it. Owning a camera doesn’t make you an instant photographer as digital photography is an art that’s up for appreciation and not just a result of a no-brainer activity.

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